Splicing existing 4" PVC drain
Posted by Geoff Rook on March 04, 2002 at 13:16:14:
I'm doing a basement remodel that includes moving the bathroom. I cut the concrete, excavated the 4" PVC main drain and installed a branch to the toilet that includes a 4" PVC swing check valve. The problem is fitting a 4" PVC section between the new wye and a 4" PVC coupler along the main drain line. The pipes won't move to help insert the stub into the two fittings. I planned on cutting the stub to allow for 1/2" insertion in both fittings but even at that length I can't get the pipe into either fitting. My only other option is to use a series of couplings and stubs with slower setting PVC glue to allow for enough slack to piece it all together. Here's a crude ASCII diagram to help describe the situation:
<-------/- [gap] ------------(main drain)
^ ^
wye coupler

I have a fixed distance between the wye, connecting the main and the WC branch, and the remainder of the main drain line. How would you bridge this gap? Thanks in advance.

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