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Posted by Dean on March 03, 2002 at 00:19:31:
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: Terry loves his TOTOs. I love my Gravity feed
: Kohlers. The performance for getting rid of waste is better with power assist. I don't know if the TOTO is as noisey as other power assists. Gravity is very quiet.
: : are toto toliets w/the g-max flush that much better than the kohler gravity flush? thanks in advance..butch
I have 3 Toto Drake gravity flush G-Max flush system toilets. They are not noisy. The secret is the 3" flush valve which dumps more water in the toilet all at once and pushes waste down the drain hole. Toto's have zero swirling action. Water just drops straight into the hole and it's gone. Amazing things! If you want to watch waste swirl round and round in the toilet bowl, don't buy a Toto!

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