old bathtub faucet won't stop dripping.
Posted by eileen macko on March 02, 2002 at 12:29:14:
My home was built in 1968. I think it has the original bathtub faucets. I think they are American Standard, but I am not sure. 2 separate handles, and no shower diverter. I have replaced all the washers, but the hot water still drips out of the faucet. I thought it may be the seat, but when I used a flashlight, I could not see all the way back, it was like the hole was half covered with a piece of metal (same with the cold). I used lime away to get rid of the built up sediment thinking that this may be the problem. I flushed it out by turning on the hot, and then put the faucet back together. Still drips!!! Any suggestions? I really cannot afford to replace the whole faucet assembly, but I also don't want this money drain to continue. HELP!!!

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