Re: Toilet installition: wall mount
Posted by hj on March 02, 2002 at 08:22:23:
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It could be installed there, but might not work properly when the upstairs bathroom was used. A plumber could install a connection off to the side of that pipe with a proper vent so that the upstairs bath would not affect the basement unit.

: I would like to put a toilet in the basement. It would be in line with an up stairs toilet. Thus the drain pipe from the up stairs toilet is right behind the area I want to install a basement toilet. The drain to the sewer line is under the concrete basement floor. I'm trying to avoid breaking up conccrete floor. If a wall mount toilet is installed in the basement can a drain for it be accomplished by taping into the drain of the up stairs toilet? The drain has a 4 inch diameter. I haven't found anyone that can answer this. Would greatly appreciate knowing the answer to my question. Judy

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