Re: Replacing a basement shower
Posted by Gary Swart on February 28, 2002 at 23:50:03:
In response to Re: Replacing a basement shower
Here's about all you can do. Rent a rotary hammer and cut the floor from the 16" center to the existing pipe. Around the existing drain, enlarge the hole to give yourself working space. There is a pee trap below the surface. If it's deep enough, you can still use it, just run the new pipe over to the 16" center. If the trap isn't low enough or if you break it, then go on past the trap and replace it too. Check to see how far it is to the sewer line to see if you need to vent the drain. If it drops right in after the trap, no need to vent. The concrete breaking is a bit dusty, but not as difficult as it might sound. Of course, after the new drain is in you replace the concrete. A bit of work, but not impossible at all.

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