Re: Is all flexible, gray pipe bad?
Posted by hj on February 27, 2002 at 22:01:34:
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The problem with the pipe is that it can be good for many years and then start failing. One problem you might have is if that house was built after the time frame for the class action suit and is not covered. If it is covered you have 12 years from construction to make a claim for repiping if you start having leaks.

: I am considering purchasing a 1996 built home. There is gray, flexible pipe visible, coming from the hot water heater. I have heard that Quest pipe is bad; worse with plastic fittings (this has copper fittings). There have been no problems in the home as of yet. Is this necessarily bad? Are there any good brands of flexible pipe? Or some way that it could have been installed to prevent a problem? If bad, under what circumstances? Is this something I would want to replace immediately?

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