busted flange
Posted by tom ross on February 25, 2002 at 16:01:28:
when removing old toilet, one side of the flange broke off - we're talking twenty year old development style housing. Anyway, between shimmimg and such, toilet is solid and doesn't leak, thanks be to God. Question, is there any way for a non plumber with no specialized plumbing tools to bandaid in a new flange to the black butyl pipe that was used, or should I leave well enough alone. I can, of course, swallow my pride and call my buddy Val, who is a plumber, but the damn thing works as is, but I like to do it right. Any feedback would be appreciated. The flange itself is bolted with 3 wood screws ( drilled through tile ) to a wood decking. Many thanks from the handyman brigade. BTW, is there a trick to getting the spacers off the t bolts - even though I hacksawed the bolts down and loosened the flange screws there was obviously not enough "give" to the closet flange to prevent it breaking when I tried to ease out the bolt. I'm assumming, of course, that the flange is glued to the waste pipe. Again, thanks.

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