Hot Water in Shower
Posted by Charlie Henrickson on February 25, 2002 at 11:18:06:
I have a problem with hot water in my showers/bath. I have Symmons Temptrol units that have been cleaned and rebuilt within the past weeks. I recently replaced a 40-gal booster tank as part of my domestic hot water system (old one failed). My water us heated by a tankless coil in a steel Trianco boiler. The boiler is 17-years old and I have very high mineral content in my well water.

Everything now points to low pressure for the hot water. I can get very hot water on a single faucet at the sink (same bathroom as shower), but only luke warm water at the Temptrol valve. I suspect that the tankless coil is the heavily coated with mineral scale and is reducing the hot water flow sufficiently to cause the problem.

My oil burner repair person says that replacing the tankless coil is not appropriate given the age of the boiler and the fact that it is steel (vs. cast iron). He does not recommend an acid wash either.

Is there anyone who can help me:

1) does my diagnosis sound right?
2) should I replace the coil?... $60'ish
3) should I upgrade to a cast iron boiler?... $3200'ish

My choice is #2 if the problem is as I have described.



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