toilet flange broken
Posted by Jo on February 24, 2002 at 22:31:03:
I removed the toilet to replace the wax ring (to solve rocking problem). The toilet flange (pvc) was broken also. I bought a new PVC flange, but how do I get the old one off. It was not properly installed - instead of 4 bolts hooking it to the floor, there were 2 nails (no wonder it rocked!). I finally got the nails out but the cracked flange won't come off so I assume it is glued to the pipe. How do I get it off to put on the new one??? I considered sawing it off even with the floor but then I would have no pvc pipe above the floor to put the flange over - can I get a flange that would fit inside the pipe instead of over?

Help please as what was once the upstairs toilet is now a "pvc hole". Thanks

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