Re: Button-style stopper & clog
Posted by edj on February 23, 2002 at 19:37:24:
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: Our bathtub has finally quit draining after eating my long hair for three years.
: In our old house, we just snaked it every six months, and it was fine. However, we cannot figure out how to get this stopper out to properly snake the line.
: It is in the drain, and you push it down to close the drain and fill the tub; and vice versa, pull it up to drain.
: We have tried several drain cleaners to no avail, plus, is it a good idea to use caustic materials like that with a septic?
: Any help appreciated.

there are two types of button drains I can think of. One you turn the whole piece counterclockwise to unscrew it from strainer. The other has a cap over the screw. The piece that you pull up on actually unscrews leaving you a brass stem which is attached to the strainer. This brass piece usually has a slot for a flat blade screw driver.

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