Re: Toilet blockage
Posted by Neil Brommell on February 21, 2002 at 14:37:39:
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I have great tenants too, but they love flushing tampons, diapers, name it! The 100 year old cast iron sewer in the basement has rust and build-up inside, so the inner diameter just can't handle these things, and once it backed up.

You have to tell your tenants not to flush this stuff, and write it into your lease that if they do, and there are problems, they will be held accountable.

: I have a tenant(couple)who have problems blocking up the toilet once a week on average. After many examinations, both my plumber and I believe there is nothing wrong with the toilet or the sewer lines. We replaced the toilet with a quality brand; but the problem remains. The blockage is always freed with the aid of a plunger, and sometimes with very little effort.

: Do you think this condition would be solved by the installation of a Power Flush Toilet? They are very good tenants, and I would like to keep the unit occupied.

: Thanks.

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