Venting Bath Room Fan
Posted by G. Martin on February 20, 2002 at 08:22:31:
: Hello: I live in Canada where we have a fair amount of snow and it is a little cool this time of year.
: I also have a ventilating fan in my bathroom. I've had about 10 inches of new blown insulation added to my attic, I've had my fan vented in the attic and going out through the soffits for a couple of years now.
: I should of did a follow up and checked the attic before now, but upon checking the attic I found that along the centre rafter from peek to soffet was quite a moister build up. It seem that i do not have enough air circulating in my attic!
: What should and can I do to improve this???

: I also checked the outside wall near the eves, where my fan is vented out the soffits, there is an ice built there. Now maybe some of my attic moister or maybe all is due to the ice built up and my fan being vented through the soffits.

: If so where can i better vent my fan??? Also when I was in the attic there was not much air movement, so therefore i think i require more air flow. What can and should I do to provide more air flow???

: Thankyou, please reply soonest, need to get this problem fix to minimize the damage.


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