Re: testing elec. water heater thermostats
Posted by hj on February 19, 2002 at 08:35:22:
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It reads 120 volts because the element is burned out and is shorted out. Since it reads voltage it should also show amp draw and it may be heating at a low level even when the thermostat is off which is why the water overheats.

: Water way too HOT!! Trips high limit switch. Reset & I checked upper thermostat w/ volt meter (240 volts) at same time lower thermostat reads 120 volts !!!!??? When upper thermostat is off lower thermostat reads 240 volts. I thought when upper thermostat is ON (240 volts) that lower thermostat is OFF!!(0.0 volts). When
: water heater is on (upper thermostat 240 volts)& (lower thermostat 120 volts), Wire (#10-3w/gd & 30 amp. breaker)to water heater becomes VERY warm, & power co. meter is flying @ 90+ mph. I replaced upper thermostat w/ a new one. Same thing! Then replaced lower thermostat w/ a new one. Still the
: same thing!!! It is a RELIANCE ELECTRIC 501 w/two 4500 watt heating elements, from local TRUE VALUE HDWE. ANY & ALL HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

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