replacement toilet options
Posted by Jim Torretti on February 18, 2002 at 13:19:04:
My brothers and I would like to replace our elderly parents' old toilet. They live in central Pennsylvanis, use well water, and have been worried about their well going dry for most of the past five years. Thus they flush the toilet only for solid waste, not liquid. We'd definitely like to install one of the 1.6 gpf models. I'm not sure what the pressure is at the toilet. One of my brothers recently installed a filter in their system since they were getting a lot of "grit" (sand, dirt, etc.) in their water. Should we go for a pressure-assisted unit or one of the better gravity units such as a Toto? I've read that the pressure-assisted units do not always work well in the presence of excessive dirt, and that they require at least 25 lbs. of pressure. Or should we hire a plumber to check the pressure at the toilet and install a pressure-assisted unit? Should we be concerned about the abilty of a non-plumber to repair one type as opposed to the other? Thanks for any advice that you can give us.

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