Re: 30x30 Fiberglass Shower stall
Posted by Gary Swart on February 18, 2002 at 13:01:01:
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: I am looking for a 30x30 fiberglass shower stall to replace the old one which was installed in 1985.
: I am only finding 32x32. The space is NOT big wnough for the 32x32 SO I AM DEPSERATE..........
: THe fiberglass base is 30x30 and the walls are one unit ( 3 side pop open ) which is inseerted into the base and the chaulked. Need manufacturers phone number or location in Massachusetts to purchase.
: Thank you

To my knowledge, there are no 30x30 shower stalls made. There are many much more knowledgeable folks that post here; perhaps Terry or one of the others will know of something that is not commonly available in stores. Baring that, what you may have to do is construct your own using tile.

I'd look at the possibility of "finding" the 2" you need by being creative with the studs. If you have 2x4 studs which are actually just 3 1/2" wide, remove them and replace with 2x4s ripped to 2-1/2" wide. You'd still have plenty of structural strength. Plumbing in the recesses could be a problem, but if only the two sides had to be skinnied up, you could put the hardware on the back where the original studs are. Think outside the box.

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