Re: Line Clear But Toilet Overflows
Posted by Terry Love on February 17, 2002 at 15:22:46:
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: I had this same issue in a rental unit I maintain. I had bought the toilet and installed only four months before and it kept backing up. I went back to Home Depot and returned the 4 month old toilet and exchanged for a better, more expensive toilet (Home Depot was great--didn't hassle me at all). After I reinstalled the new toilet, I still had the same overflowing problem. I decided to get serious about the problem and called a plumbing technician out to scope the line with a video camera before he augered. I'm glad he did because it saved me many years of trouble and wasted money. He found an underground utility line had be shot through the main line to the sewer. Apparently the utility companies have a way to "shoot" their lines through the soil without digging. They forgot to have my yard surveyed for pipes, etc. and accidentally skewered my line. All sorts of debries was hanging up on that line and the plumber told me that his auger would have slid right under it because it cut through the top part of the main line. The scope only cost $80 and the utility company ended up paying for all repairs, plus a little extra for the hassle.

On my mothers home, she lives on one acre, the gas company had "moled" a gas line through her sewer line. When the snake was used to clear the line, the cutters hit the gas line and severed it. Fortunatly, the snake had been inserted into an outside cleanout, otherwise the home could have filled with gas and exploded.

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