Water Pressure Going Away?
Posted by Kent on February 16, 2002 at 09:56:33:
Have a Gould pump connected to a shallow well. About 4 years back, the motor, the anti-backflow valve, and centrifugal pump thing with the vanes on it were replaced. At that time a fracture in the "T" connection of the well pipe was also repaired. Pump worked fine.
Lately, the pump seems to take longer and longer to get hooked up. Usually takes a number of minutes in the morning, or when the water has not been on for hours, for the water stream to become constant with no air blowing out of the spigot. Also, when a small amount of water is pulled from the system, just enough to get the pump to kick on, the pump will want to run and run to get up to the necessary cutoff pressure. I have found that leaving a spigot open significantly reduces the time to pump cut-off.
Once the system gets hooked up,with a steady flow from spigot, it works alright, My concern is that I have an ongoing process that is leading towards a no-water situation.
My question: What is most likely the cause?

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