Kohler Santa Rosa One-Piece
Posted by Frank Below on February 14, 2002 at 23:21:26:
Just installed a Kohler one-piece (2nd 1.6 GPF toilet I've installed). It's the first toilet that we couldn't unclog with a plunger! Clogged up within 4 days of installation.

My wife can unclog any toilet (have 5 children at home, plenty of experience)! This is the first one she gave up on and called a plumber. Not impressed at all. Even the plumber didn't have good things to say about this model.

Two years ago installed an Amer. Std. Cadet (1.6 GPF). No problem. Whenever it clogs, its easily freed up. Not sure what the problem with the Kohler is. The Kohler trap is slightly larger than our Cadet also.

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