Re: Reliance 501 Elec. Water Heater
Posted by Tish on February 14, 2002 at 22:41:37:
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: We bought our home a few months ago and hadn't been able to figure out why we ran out of hot water so quickly with having two water heaters. We cheecked the Reliance Brand heater and the top half of the tank is warm to the touch but the lower half is COLD. My husband and I agreed that is was the Element so we went online to find a part and had no luck. State Industries web site doesn't even list Reliance parts. It is model number 54020RS1. Question One: What size flange would fit it and can we get one from, say, Lowes? They have one for American Water Heaters.
: Question Two: We can't figure out how the two water heaters are tied together or if they are. I think they are because we can't take showers in both bathrooms simultaneously. Is this probable? And if so, is it common?
: Thank you in advance !!!!
: Tish Jones

This should also explain the unusually high electric bill too , Right??

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