Re: Bathtub Spigot Leaking
Posted by edj on February 14, 2002 at 21:00:22:
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: We are trying to put on a new spigot on our bathtub that has a spigot/diverter for handheld shower. The problem is that is leaks fromthe back of the spigot. We had the plumber out twice and he prepared using copper pipe. He said to just put some vaseline on the copper pipe and slide on the spout and tighten with allen wrench. Again it leaks. We bought another brand of spigot and it also leaks in back. Any ideas? Is there any kind of sealer we could use?

There is an o-ring that is inside the spout that is supposed to make that seal.Either the copper is too sharp on the end, or it was overtightened and ovalled.You can file the sharp edges off of the copper. If its ovalled you may have to go to a style with a solder on adapter.

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