toilet doesn't flush properly
Posted by Bill Cottrell on February 14, 2002 at 18:49:48:
hi ;
i have started to have problems with one of my toilets flushing very slow and not taking all the waste down in one flush.

i plunged and snaked the toilet myself and then had a friend who is a plumber snake the toilet. he also removed the toilet and ran a snake thru it with a rag attached to the end to try to clear anything in the trap. nothing came out.

still having problems. looks like the toilet flushes ok on every other flush.

i just started to use a blue tablet in the toilet tank. could this be clogging up the little holes under the rim? my neighbor tried to clean them.

he said the next step is a new toilet.

what is your opinion? i'm just surprised it works ok on every other flush.


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