Repair of toilet flange.
Posted by Craig on February 14, 2002 at 17:13:23:
I have an offset toilet flange made of PVC with a
blue painted steel flange ring. I have slightly
cracked the PVC near the metal flange in an attempt to
cure a rocking toilet. This was done by tightening
the nut down too much.

I tried a flange replacement that slips over the whole
original flange and will bolt to the concrete just fine,
but the toilet won't fit over the new replacement

I assume the whole original flange can't be replaced
right? The PVC is glued to the original discharge pipe.
I assume that once PVC is glued, it's glued.

Can I try to glue the crack? Could I neatly cut the
top part of the PVC flange with a Dremel tool? Then
clean, primer, and glue the PVC back? Would it hold?

Then metal ring is fine. Just when I snug the nut down
the crack in the PVC near the flange opens up, once
again leading to a rocking toilet.

Note that the original flange is not bolted to the
slab foundation, just the PVC pipe. Also note that
any attempt to bolt the flange down won't work as to
get the offset, quite a bit of foundation was chipped
away -- enough that there isn't much material under
the metal flange lip.

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