Re: New plumbing run to existing stack
Posted by edj on February 12, 2002 at 20:44:50:
In response to Re: New plumbing run to existing stack
: Steve, always use the widest radius possible in a drain. When cutting the cast iron, make triplely sure you have it WELL secured above. That stuff is heavier than sin. I just replaced my cast with ABS, and while I thought it was clamped pretty good, it wasn't. Thank God no one was under it when it came down! I'd cut it where it was the easiest to reach and still maintain the 4/12 drop. Can't see that a little more drop would hurt.

You may even want to use a "y", 45, and cleanout when you change directions. This will let you be able to clean out to cast iron if necassary. You have to be careful not to have too much drop on the drain,the water may flow out too fast leaving solids behind and causing blockages

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