Re: Line Clear But Toilet Overflows
Posted by edj on February 12, 2002 at 20:27:24:
In response to Re: Line Clear But Toilet Overflows
: Toilet overflowed. Plumber cleared line and vent pipes. Toilet overflowed again days later. Plumber snaked line again and said it was clear. All other toilets, tubs, and sinks flush and drain fine.

: In fact, most of the time the overflowing toilet flushes great. Plumber claims the problem is the cheap off brand made in Mexico Home Depot toilet I installed in 1997.

: I thought a toilet was a toilet and am perplexed as to why this admittedly inexpensive off brand overflows so easily?

: The offending pottie is a ground floor unit located within 5 yards of the overflow pipe in my front yard.

: Want to know if I should purchase a better toilet or have another plumber give a second opinion?

If this has been occuring from day 1 then you might look at replacing the toilet.{assuming that your plumber pulled it and had a really good look inside. Some toilets trapways can sag when cooling causing a natural restriction,especially a less expensive model.
One thing you could check before you give up are the little holes around the rim, If they are plugged of you could have flushing problems

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