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Posted by edj on February 12, 2002 at 20:04:28:
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: : : Hi,,,In a new house, with a properly design plumbing system, how much water should come out of a faucet over a laundry tub near the washing machine.I live in a old house with copper plumbing but it takes forever to fill my washing machine,,,I filled an accurate five gallon container in 2.5 minutes,,,that's 2 gpm,,,,Is this typical ??? Thannks for your help,,,Jim
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: : If you are getting better volume throughout the house then I would check for blockages. Most washing machine hoses have screens on the ends that can get plugged

: :What I am trying to do is quantify what is good flow,,,I don't think I have sufficient flow anywhere in the house but I need to measure it and compare it against some satisfactory norm,,,Is the measured 2.5 gpm sufficient?

Water supply can vary cosiderably from area to area.You may be best to contact your city or town waterworks division and have them tell you what kind of supply you should be getting

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