New plumbing run to existing stack
Posted by Steve on February 12, 2002 at 10:16:56:

I'm going to put in a main floor laundry room and add a master suite to the first floor (going in an existing attached garage). The 4" drain line will go through a crawl space, into the existing basement (total about 25' horizontal run, turn 90 degrees and go another 6' to the main stack. Should I use a 90 degree fitting(w/ a cleanout) or use two 45's to make the corner?

I will need to cut the existing cast iron stack and put a PVC wye fitting in. Should I do that down near the floor and bring the new horizontal run as close to the existing stack as possible before it drops down to the wye or put it up higher and have a greater than 1/4" / 12" slope for the last 6' or so?



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