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Posted by jIm on February 12, 2002 at 09:11:02:
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: : Hi,,,In a new house, with a properly design plumbing system, how much water should come out of a faucet over a laundry tub near the washing machine.I live in a old house with copper plumbing but it takes forever to fill my washing machine,,,I filled an accurate five gallon container in 2.5 minutes,,,that's 2 gpm,,,,Is this typical ??? Thannks for your help,,,Jim
: If you are getting better volume throughout the house then I would check for blockages. Most washing machine hoses have screens on the ends that can get plugged

:What I am trying to do is quantify what is good flow,,,I don't think I have sufficient flow anywhere in the house but I need to measure it and compare it against some satisfactory norm,,,Is the measured 2.5 gpm sufficient?

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