Help! Replace vs refinish tub?
Posted by Sally Bishop on February 12, 2002 at 00:48:55:
Our home was built in 1936 - original tub - some tile issues just above the tub not a big deal, new faucet needed not a big deal - the original fixtures and tile have been beautifully maintained over the years. The tub is cast iron. In December, my husband used "The Works" drain opener in the tub and it etched the finish - ate it away near the drain. Insurance company wants to refinish the tub. We are concerned about the durability, life expectancy and limitations to refinishing vs replacement. It appears they are denying us with the terms of our policy that provide us with replacement value of "like kind and quality" I need some expert opinions to help build my case.

Also there are limitations to refinishing like bath oils and hair dye. My Hubby is an aircraft mechanic.....If they think Calgon and Loving Care will damage refinished surfaces, what will happen when until he comes home with grease, oil, glycol or other aircraft chemical on his person.

Any opinions guys and gals? I'd really like a tub that will last a lifetime, not one for 10 years. Incidently -- I'm waiting to hear about the product liability situation on the drain cleaner. Thanks!

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