Re: flange to high above the floor line
Posted by hj on February 10, 2002 at 21:29:32:
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The too high flange is an easy fix, if you are a plumber. Break it off and install a new one. You cannot attach a PVC flange to cast iron. If you want to move the opening then you can cut off the toilet pipe and install a shorter piece of PVC with a flange. Or you can get a toilet that fits the rough in you have.

: I am remodeling my bath room and I can see a problem right off.
: This house is 30+ years and Has cast iron for the drain.

: The bath room floor is real bad, the tile is all broken is and must go.

: My problem is that the inlaid tile and cement is 1.5" and the flange in on top of that. I do not want to build the floor up the 1.5"'s for that will leave me .75" higher than the hall floor.

: Is there a way to take out only part of the old cast iron flange and lower it with PVC???

: The old TB, also set 2" from the wall, and would like to move it closer/

: Thanks

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