Re: Old urinal, new relief valve, insufficient flush
Posted by hj on February 10, 2002 at 08:43:42:
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What size is the pipe from the valve to the urinal. If it is 3/4" you have a washout urinal and the 1.5 is the correct relief valve. If it is 1 1/4" then you have a blowout urinal and need a 3.5 flush, especially for a 1960 urinal that was before water conservation was even being considered. If the vacuum breaker is not leaking down the outside of the flush pipe, then there is no reason to change it. If you did, assuming it it the one with the rubber insert and not the flapper type, you might find that the whole end of it is worn away and all that is left is the rubber sleeve.
: The old (1960's) urinal in our church would not stop running. I took the relief valve out and tried cleaning it, but without complete success. Bought a new one at Lowes but now the flow will not siphon the bowl. Researching the matter makes me think we have an old 3.5 gpf model and I think Lowes advised me on a 1.6 gpf relief valve. I tried removing the flow ring, but that didn't help.

: I was going to buy a relief valve for a closet fixture which looks to me like a 3.5 gpf flush valve. Should that work? Don't know where I could get an exact replacement, but maybe a local plumbing supply place can order one if necessary.

: Also, I have a vacuum break that I could use to replace the old one, but would just as soon not disturb any more joints in old plumbing than necessary. Do you think I should replace it?

: P.S. Very nice forum design!!

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