Old urinal, new relief valve, insufficient flush
Posted by Dave on February 10, 2002 at 08:10:48:
The old (1960's) urinal in our church would not stop running. I took the relief valve out and tried cleaning it, but without complete success. Bought a new one at Lowes but now the flow will not siphon the bowl. Researching the matter makes me think we have an old 3.5 gpf model and I think Lowes advised me on a 1.6 gpf relief valve. I tried removing the flow ring, but that didn't help.

I was going to buy a relief valve for a closet fixture which looks to me like a 3.5 gpf flush valve. Should that work? Don't know where I could get an exact replacement, but maybe a local plumbing supply place can order one if necessary.

Also, I have a vacuum break that I could use to replace the old one, but would just as soon not disturb any more joints in old plumbing than necessary. Do you think I should replace it?

P.S. Very nice forum design!!

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