home shower stall
Posted by Jerry Roe on February 09, 2002 at 16:37:55:
I live in the southern California area. The shower stall began leaking into the wall from I believe separation around the edge of the show floor. I have removed all the tile from the walls, the shower floor and the dam section. It appears to me that there is still tile between the wall bottom and the material used to form the floor. I don't know if this was the original shower but this doesn't seem like the correct way to construct the lower wall and floor. Can you tell me how the shower floor, dam, and shower wall are normally constructed before tile is put into place and how the tile is adhered to these areas. I was expecting the lower portion of the wall, the shower floor, and dam to be one piece formed similar to a rectangular pan and then covered with some type of moisture barrier material. Am I going to have to remove the dam, floor and walls to fix this properly?

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