Well pressure tank fluctuation
Posted by Ed on February 09, 2002 at 15:15:45:
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I have a 48 ft private well supplying my house and an apt. in my barn. The barn apt. is about 150 feet from the main house. I have the water shut off in the apt after the pressure tank so there is no water usage occuring there. My pressure gauge is on the pressure tank in the barn apt. It currently has a 30/50 pressure switch. I have another identical 32 gallon pressure tank in the utility room of my house. These are the kind of tanks you can add air to. They are each less than 2 years old. The well pump is a submersible two years old also. House has 2/12 baths, kitchen sink, and one outside bibb.

I have been trying to get my pressure to behave in a more stable manner. For example, when filling the washing machine only, nothing else on, the pressure gauge will kick on on 28 psi, go to 58 in about 4 seconds, go down to 40 after two seconds, then fall back to the 28 psi level and kick the pump back on after an additional 10 seconds more/less. Is this pump on/off cycle within normal range? Is it a problem having the pressure gauge on the tank in the barn apt.? Are my 32 gallon tanks large enough for this house? Anyone with some good advice on a situation like this. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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