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Posted by hj on February 07, 2002 at 08:01:52:
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The cost of rerouting the pipe depends on too many conditions unique to your house to be able to give a quote without seeing it. There is also no standard cost for the repair in the floor. But insurance companies, as a rule, will opt for repairing the existing situation rather than rerouting, unless there are extreme reasons for rerouting.

: Terry, Water heater continuously ran even after installing a new one. Turned out to be slab leak. Insurance had two leak detector firms unanimously X out were leak was in slab. Jack hammered floor to find no pipe but water. We located a competent leak detection firm who quickly found leak in garage twenty five feet from hole in slab. He recommended re-route to wall manifold. Sounds good but insurance prefers to tear up garage floor. Can you please ballpark the cost of a re-route copper pipe twenty-five feet from WH to manifold with three bends. Also, what is the standard cost for slab demolition and repair of tile floor? Is their other problems a leak in the slab can cause? We previously noticed mold and mildew in various areas of the unit, even installed a more powerful exhaust in the bathroom and repainted areas. Thanks for any advise or background information. Pam

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