Drainage problem
Posted by Martha Phillips on February 06, 2002 at 20:55:59:
It would be so nice if someone could help us solve our problem. Our house is built like a reverse "L" with septic tank at the bend. Our original bathroom is close to the turn in the "L" and only has to drain about 10' to the tank. We added onto the house and put another bathroom, say "at the top of the L". It's drainage lines run all the way down to the turn in the "L". There is not enough fall in the lines, so that a single flush is not providing sufficient water to clear the lines and the commode line is constantly stopping up and overflowing.As it is , we are getting no service out of this bathroom. Please feel free to email me if you honestly have any reasonable solutions that we could try. Thanks in advance for your help and God bless

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