Re: Shower pan/concrete work
Posted by John Bridge on January 24, 2002 at 20:55:47:
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: Sometimes the tile base is made of mortar poured/packed to the proper level below the top of the drain fitting as part of the tile installation. Or he can pour concrete and thin set the tile to it. It has to be low enough so the tile ends up level with the top of the strainer and has to pitch upward from the drain to provide drainage. The base is the easiest part of the whole job, usually.

: : My sister's shower leaked and a plumber I know replaced the shower pan for her. Where can her husband get instructions on how to do the concrete work to build the floor prior to the tile work? He's trying to do it himself to save money. They need it done right away since she's having hip replacement surgery next week. What is the price range for this type of work if they hired a professional?

Or he can sign on the advice board at John, where a slew of tile professionals walk people through shower pan replacements routinely.


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