Re: Running water to detached garage
Posted by Stanley on January 23, 2002 at 07:24:36:
In response to Re: Running water to detached garage
: For a long run such as you have, I'd recommend 1" copper. I believe the grade is type K, but check that at the supply house. You will lose all pressure if you use small diameter pipe. I don't think plastic is suitable for underground potable water. Learn to solder, it's not hard and since the pipe will be buried, it doesn't have to even look pretty.

I thought the smaller diameter would give me better
pressure. Would 1/2 inch be enough for a toilet,
sink, and laundry tub, with a hose bib to wash
the trucks? I know how to solder, but since I
already had cpvc I thought I would stick with
plastic. I might look into PEX, or similar products.
They used plastic from the well head to the house
and its buried directly in the dirt. Mine will be
protected in conduit. Thanks again. Stanley

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