Posted by Michael Bell on January 22, 2002 at 11:47:39:
I just wanted to thank Bud and hj for their help with my natural gas line problem. I called basically everyone in the yellow pages and nobody could help me. With the info I got from this board I was able to track down the correct tools to do the job safely.
My original post was

For those that are interested I was to do this by removing the valve and inserting the Jet-Sweat and then I cut the pipe behind the stopper for the Jet-Sweat. I made several cuts (moving the Jet-Sweat forward)in order to remove the length of pipe that I needed. When I was done cutting, I put the end of the Jet-Sweat through the center of the ratcheting pipe threader and threaded the end of the pipe. I put a new valve on and I was done. I praticed this process several time on a spare piece of pipe before I did it "live". I ended up purchasing the following tools to do this job:
- Ridgid 42A 4 wheel pipe cutter
- Ridgid 12-R ratching pipe threader (w/ 3/4" die)
- Jet-Sweat 3/4"
total ~$300

Since I was working with live line I was extremely careful about sparks and proper ventillation.

Thanks Again,

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