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Posted by hj on January 22, 2002 at 08:09:07:
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You did not specify that it was plastic, so the assumption was that it was also tile. Your drain should be sealed to the pipe with a rubber gasket inserted between the pipe and the drain fitting.

: Thanks for the info, tile and mortar where? The old pan is fiber glass, the only tile and mortar I'm removing are the walls. There is no tile on the pan. I was hoping the drain had the cross pieces like a tub drain, I have that tool and could have just unscrewed it. But naturally, that doesn't appear to be how this works.

: : If it was installed properly, when you remove the tile and mortar, there will be a membrane which is clamped between the two parts of the drain. The upper part will be fastened with three bolts to the lower part.

: : : I am about to begin gutting my basement bathroom. I've never removed a shower pan before, and was wondering what to expect. Since the drain line from the center of the pan goes directly down to a pipe leading to my ejector sump, I can't imagine the drain is installed to the pan in any way other than the just screwing down into the pipe. Since there would be no other access to the drain I can't imagine what else to expect. I'm replacing the existing tile shower with a one-piece enclosure, and was hoping the drain would just work, too much to ask?

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