Hard water destroys membrane/piston assemblies
Posted by Bob Bogardus on January 20, 2002 at 12:40:34:
We have 2 Porcher "Venato" (1995) low-flow toilets and although they function just fine, their piston assemblies and membranes have to be replaced every 18 months ($200!!!). Our plumber says that our hard water clogs or damages these components -- he recommends buying new toilets.

1) Is there any way to "clean" the piston assemblies and membranes so we don't have to replace them? (Soak them in some kind of chemical bath??)
2) If not, which of your recommended toilets would stand up best to our water? If we would we still have to replace these components occasionally(less frequently, I hope), which toilets would be least expensive to maintain?

Bob Bogardus
Carmel, CA

P.S. Thanks for the great web site.

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