Water pipe "banging"
Posted by Bob Schoby on January 19, 2002 at 23:28:27:
We recently has the pressure valve on our hot water heater replaced. The plumber told us our water pressure was well over 100# and recommended a pressure reducing valve which we had him install. Prior to installing it, when our toilets flushed, ice maker filled, and washer ran the sound was very loud. the reducer helped eliminate a lot of that noise. However, soon after that we started to notice a rhythmic, banging noise whenever we flushed the toilets. It is less noticeable but still present when we use the shower. As soon as the water shuts off the noise stops. The plumber checked the lines and said our water meter (located downstream from the regulator) was the culprit. So we had the city replace that with a new one. It didn't help. The plumber thinks the problem could be a loose pipe behind the walls. However, the sound seems to be coming from around the regulator/meter area of the pipes. It doesn't sound like a loose pipe banging against something - it almost sounds like some type of flapper or propeller inside the lines vibrating. You can hear the noise all the way on the second floor of our house even when you flush the toilet on the main level. To make matters worse, we just spent $20,000 to finish our basement and this noise makes it unbearable to spend time down there. Any ideas on what could be causing the noise? We don't recall ever having the problem before the pressure regulator was installed. Thanks.

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