Re: Ever hear of a Pegasus brand faucet?
Posted by Carol in McHenry on January 18, 2002 at 21:56:12:
In response to Re: Ever hear of a Pegasus brand faucet?
Hi Karen:

Am wondering how it's gone with your Pegasus faucets? Have been following this site closely hoping for more information on these faucets, but very little
available other than one person whose hot water faucet kept turning on. (Even he admitted that it was VERY strange.) You can read it his experience on
this site. Please post back because I'm really interested in the possibility of the huge ($410) price savings against Kohler. The Kohler product wasn't
even brushed nickel, but polished chrome and the six fixtures were still $410 over the brushed nickle Pegasus. Please post back.

: I just bought some this weekend also. In fact, I returned better brand stuff, because it wasn't nearly as nice as Pegasus. Home Depot says it just started getting them about 2 months ago. Mine aren't installed yet, but lifetime warranty.

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