conventional septic?
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Septic systems are sized according to residential fixture units, meaning a minimum size is required based upon normal everyday usage. The septic tank size for two toilets and lavatories is usually 1000 gallon two compartment capacity with an absorption area sized according to the soil percolation rate at your building site. If it is sandy loam and clay, it might be a 40 soil and require 400 square feet of absorption area (or a 3X3X80 feet long) trench with gravel or other material surrounding the perforated line, and then a 24 inch earth cover. Normal everyday use would likely require a cleaning of the septic tank sludge on the fifth year, to prevent sludge from entering the absorption perforated pipe and plugging soil capilaries. Vacation Home use can likely extend the required cleaning out to maybe the seventh year. High volume water use with lots of continuous water flow, toilets, sinks, showers, add a few car washes on top of the absorption area, then a little rain, and the absorption area can become waterlogged. Some common sense advice? Don't build to the MINIMUM acceptable size. If you can afford it, build the absorption area twice as large as minimum, and try not to pave over the absorption area to allow for evapotranspiration. e-mail me if you want more information at:

: We are building a vacation home with a conventional spetic tank. Are they any special considerations I need to be aware of, or can I abide by your general recommendations on your web page. Thanks!

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