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Posted by More on January 18, 2002 at 17:48:04:
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Don't fool around with unLICENSED plumbers!!!! The sewer gas is hydrogen sulfide, and it is dangerous! Look on some of the internet postings about "THE SMELL" Hydrogen Sulfide is a heavier than air gas that attacks the nerve endings in the mucous membranes, and paralyzes them, causing you to think the problem is not as bad as it really is. Heavy concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide can build up in the lungs,(because it is airborne and heavier than air) causing bronchial inflammations, infections, pleurisy, and pneumonia type ailments, filling the lungs with fluid, causing the victim to become drowsy, sleepy, and drown. A LICENSED Plumber can open the sewer lateral, place an airtight waterstop at the test plug, place another testplug at the roof vent, and inject smoke into the sewer to visually observe the areas of dangerous leaks. Even the areas underground can be seen to release smoke, where you yourself may have visually inspected and found none. Alternatively a LICENSED plumber can create ultrasonic detection methods to trace sewer leaks by injecting higher than ambient pressure nitrogen or air, to detect the areas of leakage. DON'T Fool around with the safety of your family. The odor creeping up the cellar stairs is a Very Serious Dangerous Monster. Pray that you get wisdom with experience!

: Yes, it's another sewer gas complaint. At first it was coming from under the tiolet so I replaced the seal and now it's taking over the basement and creeping up the cellar stairs. I had a plumber in and he could'ne find the problem (for $50) I have checked, vents, pipes and traps. Can ANYONE help?

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