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Posted by hj on January 14, 2002 at 23:52:48:
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The cultured marble is going to be attached to the walls and therefore will not add any weight to the floor, assuming that is not an interior one with no support under it, but even then the weight is distributed in a lot of ways and therefore will add little to the floor load.

: Thanks! We expect to have a caulk line, we just want one that doesn't develop pin holes and separate within a week of application! Having a deeper caulk line makes sense.

: Another concern we've developed is weight. This is an older home, and the floor joists under the tub are 2x6 set 30"o.c. There are some additional support beams in the basement, but they're not directly under the tub surround area. I know this is probably outside the plumbing milieu, but I'm a little concerned that the combination of the iron tub and cultured marble will concentrate too much weight in one spot.

: : You are going to have a caulk line no matter which material you use. Cultured marble gives you a deeper one so the caulk has a better chance of adhering and not breaking loose. Most of the retrofit plastic surrounds have a caulk line as thick as the material which does not give it a very wide boding surface.

: : : We have had an ongoing problem with the caulk line between our cheap plastic/fiberglass tub surround and cast iron tub, and some of the greenboard behind has mildewed. We plan to replace the greenboard and tub surround but we're a little stymied by the choices and the cost. We don't want the maintenance headaches of ceramic tile.

: : : A contractor friend says we would probably have the same problem with the caulk line with a new plastic/fiberglass surround even if we install one of a higher quality. We're looking at cultured marble but are finding the cost is a bit more than we wanted to spend, although we'll go with it if less expensive materials are incompatible with a cast iron tub. Any experiences or opinions on which material would work best in the long run?

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