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Posted by Terry Love on January 13, 2002 at 15:41:05:
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: Is there any difference in the flushing performance of the TOTO Carlyle vs the Ultimate? Also, since I need a light green colored toilet (which TOTO doesn't make), with a short overall length, for one of my bathrooms, I've been looking at the American Standard Hamilton. Do you have any experience with this model?

The Carlyle has more performance than the Ultimate. Even the Ultimate works very well though. Terry

"I just built a new home and installed American Standard "Hamilton series one
piece" toilets. Yes, we use a plunger at least once a week. I have tweaked
these and monitored the water level in the tank to promote optimum
performance. I hate these toilets, but have invested alot of money. I humbly
request any recommendations you may have."
Howard C.

I only wish I had discovered your site prior to purchasing 2 American
Standard Hamilton toilets. They don't work very well to say the least.
Aside from becoming very adept at using a plunger, is there anything I
can do or have a plumber do so get them to work better?
- Gus B

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