Re: Tub surround choices?
Posted by hj on January 13, 2002 at 09:41:39:
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You are going to have a caulk line no matter which material you use. Cultured marble gives you a deeper one so the caulk has a better chance of adhering and not breaking loose. Most of the retrofit plastic surrounds have a caulk line as thick as the material which does not give it a very wide boding surface.

: We have had an ongoing problem with the caulk line between our cheap plastic/fiberglass tub surround and cast iron tub, and some of the greenboard behind has mildewed. We plan to replace the greenboard and tub surround but we're a little stymied by the choices and the cost. We don't want the maintenance headaches of ceramic tile.

: A contractor friend says we would probably have the same problem with the caulk line with a new plastic/fiberglass surround even if we install one of a higher quality. We're looking at cultured marble but are finding the cost is a bit more than we wanted to spend, although we'll go with it if less expensive materials are incompatible with a cast iron tub. Any experiences or opinions on which material would work best in the long run?

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