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Posted by hj on January 12, 2002 at 15:21:25:
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You have probably exceeded your time frame, but you can try to be covered. What either of the plumbers should have done was repair the leaks and then had you call 1-800-356-3496 and submit a claim for replacement. In your case the time frame was for leaks to occur within 10 years from the time the house was constructed, and then you also had an eleventh year to submit the claim for that replacement, (and the cost of repairing the leak). For a house built in 1990, the claim would normally have to have been submitted during 2001, and they are usually quite intransigent about waiving the requirement, but you can call them and see. You second problem is that they do not usually authorize an outside company to do the replacement any longer since they cannot control the costs by doing that.
: 153 home development that began in about 1985. The house I live in was built approximately 1990. Blue Max pipe used from meter head to copper connector at house. Two years ago a leak about 5 feet from the house connection. Repaired. Plumber said the Blue Max was a substandard pipe. November 2001 big time leak three feet from meter. Different plumbing company came, replaced entire run from meter to house with copper. He too said Blue Max was sorry pipe and they were getting a ton of calls that involved repairing or replacing it. There are many of the houses in this deveopment now having to have the pipe replaced. Is there a class actiion suit on-going now? I would like to know. Thnaks.

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