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Posted by hj on January 11, 2002 at 21:48:06:
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Usually what will happen is that they will send a crew in to replace the piping system with CPVC plastic, unless you wish to pay additional to get copper. They will cut the necessary holes and then patch them. Sometimes they will also paint and other times they give you the paint to do it yourself. Submit your repair bill with the claim and they will usually reimburse that also. They may ask if you have had three leaks in the system, but if not, as one inspector told one of my clients, "You will have three leaks by tomorrow, won't you!'

: Would like to hear about any results you've all gotten regarding the problems with the polybutylene pipes leaking. Recently, I had my first leak. It was right in the middle of my house - under the slab. That's when I learned about the Cox and Spencer lawsuits online at I bought my house in 1997; it was built 4/24/91. I called 1-800-392-7591 and submitted a claim the same day by fax. They talked to the plumber I hired. I'm hopeful that the claims adjuster (Crawford and Company) will call me to make an appointment to inspect and verify that I have a qualified leak. It's been well over the 48 hours that I was quoted I'd hear from the inspectors by the CPRC. I'd like to hear from you on what I can expect from here.

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