RE: Polybutylene pipes
Posted by Bea L. in New Mexico on January 11, 2002 at 16:42:08:
Would like to hear about any results you've all gotten regarding the problems with the polybutylene pipes leaking. Recently, I had my first leak. It was right in the middle of my house - under the slab. That's when I learned about the Cox and Spencer lawsuits online at I bought my house in 1997; it was built 4/24/91. I called 1-800-392-7591 and submitted a claim the same day by fax. They talked to the plumber I hired. I'm hopeful that the claims adjuster (Crawford and Company) will call me to make an appointment to inspect and verify that I have a qualified leak. It's been well over the 48 hours that I was quoted I'd hear from the inspectors by the CPRC. I'd like to hear from you on what I can expect from here.

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